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Maxi Pads Super With Wings - 50 Count
Maxi Pads Super With Wings - 50 Count
50 Count
SAR 24.95  SAR 35.95
Other size
24.50 SAR/ 30 Count
24.95 SAR/ 50 Count
24.50 SAR
30 Count
24.95 SAR
50 Count
Product DetailsAdditional Information

• PROTECTION AND COMFORT: Kotex Maxi Thick Sanitary Pads for women are designed to  provide unbeatable comfort and uncompromised protection for medium to heavy flow period days.

• ABSORBENT CENTER: These maxi sanitary pads effectively capture and lock away even the heaviest flow for long-lasting freshness and confidence day and night.

• SOFT TOP COVER: The soft top cover of these Kotex heavy flow sanitary napkins is  gentle as cotton and ensures complete protection and comfort during periods.

• FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: The protective barriers and back channels of the Kotex heavy flow maxi pads allow women to stay active without any  worries of leaks or discomfort.

• 0% LEAKS: Kotex Maxi Thick Sanitary Pads for women effectively capture medium to heavy menstrual flow and   allow women to feel fresh and confident throughout the day with up to 0% leaks and 100% comfort.

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