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Viva Tissue Maxi Roll - 2Rolls
Viva Tissue Maxi Roll - 2Rolls
SAR 23.95  SAR 32.25
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• RELIABLE CLEANING COMPANION: The Kleenex Mega Paper Towel Roll ensures clean and dry surfaces with its high absorbency,Making it perfect for wiping up spills and drying dishes efficiently.

• PREMIUM QUALITY: Crafted with care using natural materials,This Kleenex Mega Paper Towel Roll offers premium and high-quality paper towels for all your cleaning needs.

• 1-PLY STRENGTH: The 1-ply strength of the Kleenex Mega Paper Towel Roll ensures reliable durability, Allowing you to tackle any mess or spill with ease.

• VERSATILE AND SUITABLE FOR ALL SURFACES: From kitchen countertops to bathroom surfaces, the Kleenex Mega Roll is designed to be versatile, Making it suitable for cleaning all surfaces.

• ECONOMICAL SOLUTION: With an impressive 250 meters of dependable functionality, The Kleenex Mega multipurpose paper towel roll offers an economical choice without compromising on quality.


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