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Classique Facial Tissue-3×146 Sheets 2 Ply
Classique Facial Tissue-3×146 Sheets 2 Ply
3×146 Sheets 2 Ply
SAR 14.95  SAR 24.25
Other size
8.25 SAR/ 146 Sheets 2 Ply
14.95 SAR/ 3×146 Sheets 2 Ply
8.25 SAR
146 Sheets 2 Ply
14.95 SAR
3×146 Sheets 2 Ply
Product DetailsAdditional Information

• UNMATCHED   CARE: Kleenex Original Facial Tissues are designed to  provide everyday freshness and cleanliness, ensuring you have a soft and reliable companion for all your cleaning needs.

• SUPERIOR SOFTNESS: Crafted with a cotton-like texture for a soft and indulgent experience, these 2-ply, high-quality face and   hand paper tissues offer a gentle touch that is perfect for all skin types.

• DEPENDABLE STRENGTH: Made with premium, high-quality materials, these Kleenex facial tissues offer dependable strength to tackle any cleaning task, ensuring reliable performance at home, in your car or at  
the office.

• STYLISH DESIGN: The elegant tissue box design of Kleenex Original Facial Tissues adds an aesthetically pleasing touch that will uplift any setting.

• PROLONGED USE AND CONVENIENCE: This pack of Kleenex Original Facial Tissues contains 3 tissue boxes,Ensuring prolonged use and convenience.

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