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home>baby>baby care>diapers>diapers | mega pack | size 2 | weight 4 - 6 kg
Diapers | Mega Pack | Size 2 | Weight 4 - 6 Kg-64 Diapers
Diapers | Mega Pack | Size 2 | Weight 4 - 6 Kg-64 Diapers
64 Diapers
SAR 72.95  
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• DRYNESS AND COMFORT: Huggies Extra Care Newborn Diapers keep your baby dry, comfortable, and protected all through the day.

• SKIN CARE: Huggies Extra Care Newborn Diapers prioritize skin care with   unique soft pillows to absorb liquids in seconds, offering gentle protection and ensuring   your baby's skin stays healthy.

• WAISTBAND POCKET: Huggies newborn diapers feature a special waistband pocket that effectively prevents leakage and protects your baby, Ensuring they stay dry and comfortable.

• WETNESS INDICATOR: These newborn nappies feature an innovative wetness indicator that changes color when wet, providing a signal to change your baby’s diaper.

• DERMATOLOGIST-TESTED: Huggies Extra Care Newborn Diapers have been dermatologist-tested,Ensuring that they meet the highest standards of gentle  care.

Love the Huggies Extra Care Newborn Diapers? 

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